Thing to Consider When You’re Deciding to Change Your Career

In life, we’re all supposed to find our “sweet spot”, a job that match our talent. Many of us are blessed to have found our sweet spot earlier at a young age. Many others have to do a trial and error approach on this. That means we change our career from one to another.

For those who do, here’s one good story to think of. I get this story from the book “Cure for the Common Life” by Max Lucado, and he (Max) got it from Bob Russell’s book “Money: The Owner’s Manual“.

A farmer felt unsatisfied with his farm. He complained about a lake within his land that has to be taken care of. Hills make him to drive his car up and down. Big cows walk through his land. Those not include all the fences and food for his cattle and all the headaches.

He decided to sell the farm and move to a more pleasant place. He called a property agent. Few days afterward, the agent called him to get approval for an ads. He read the ads to the farmer. The ads describe a beautiful and peaceful farm, with many hills and green pastures, complete with a lake, fresh air, and well taken care cattle. Then the farmer said, “Please read again for me.”

After hear it twice, the farmer said, “I change my mind. I don’t want to sell my farm. I’m looking for a place like that all my life. ”

Max Lucado advises us to check again our perspective to life. Success is not defined by our position or salary, but by this: to do the best in what we do.


Only When You Know Where You’re Going, You Can Write Something Like This…


 Friends and family who love B** Re******,It is my great privilege to announce Dad’s last battle has been won!  Victory is His, and Dad’s treasure is being claimed in Heaven – Hallelujah! Hallelujah!  “Lord, thank you for the gift of yourself as presented to us through the life and love of Ro**** Ed**** Re******!  We have indeed been blessed.”  We can all imagine the celebration and joy on Dad’s face as he enters the Glory of His Righteousness – Dad beaming in gratitude and thanksgiving as he rolls up his sleeves and asks for an assignment while kneeling in worship.

Tonight, at 9:10 this evening, surrounded by family, Dad made his final departure from home in Colorado, while arriving home in the arms of God.  No miles earned or used on this one – upgrades guaranteed, legroom eternal!  Thank you for your prayers – throughout the years, and particularly at this time of Dad’s honor and reward.  Our family has had the great blessing of your fellowship and care.  We have a very special appreciation and love for all of you, and the whole world fellowship who have affirmed Dad as friend and brother in Christ.

Dad loved life in a passionate and open affair.  He loved nothing more than being a part of The Great Commission; to labor for Love, and being an introduction to Christ Jesus.  I can testify better than others to his unshakable and gracious forgiveness, and eternal encouragement.  

John the Baptist, cousin and precursor, baptizer to Jesus of Nazareth, himself an early martyr offering his head upon a platter: “greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  Well done, Dad!  

We are thankful.  Amen.

In His Love,


Ps – I send this with the regret I have for undoubtedly missing the inclusion of many important friends in distribution of this note.  Please pass on the word of Dad’s homecoming with the sincere love and appreciation appropriate to his fellowship.  Your in Christ, the Re******.