Big Star, Small Star

A few weeks ago, our son got a small star in his school, while his friend got a big star (I don’t know what their task was).

At first, my wife didn’t think that it was a big deal. So we didn’t say anything. However, Sammy kept talk about it for the next two weeks.

That was when we discuss, and realize about the problem. Sammy felt discriminated because of the way he did his task. We realize that actually this way of giving big or small star is against the concept of Totto Chan‘s school or even Montessori school. We also wonder why this could happen, while the school labels itself as Montessori.

So my wife complained to the school and they apologized for what had happened. I think we did a good thing to make sure that won’t happen again.

We have to remember that every child (person) is unique, so they have different way to do things, to create things, or to express themselves. If we forget this and give them “a small star” because they don’t do things the way we want, we can kill their motivation to learn, or (dangerously) kill their confidence.