Contributing to Environment: How Do We Treat Sea Turtle When Diving?

Proverbs tells us to only correct the wise.

Today I read a tourism article on about swimming with a sea turtle. Here is the article:

I was a recreational diver. I was told by a buddy that swimming nearby a turtle can be stressful to it. I sounds makes sense to me.

So just know I do a little research on the internet and found this article: Let me quote it:

Above all, if you decide to visit with a turtle, there are ways in which you can keep the turtle calm and relaxed, which might help in preventing the spread of disease. Swim above or alongside it, so its vulnerable belly is not exposed and don’t ever touch, disturb, or harass the turtle. Did you know that a relaxed turtle can stay under water easily for 40 minutes to 5 hours and that a turtle under stress can drown within a couple of minutes?

Can any of you can share a reference on some research on this? I love the sea, I love diving, and I’d like me and everyone else to contribute positively to the environment.