Wait, don’t answer yet!

Some 3-5 year olds do ask oodles of questions, and parents do answer so quickly to satisfy everyone or show the kids that they know everything. Quick answers are also delivered to quickly get rid of all interruptions so to reach a peace of mind. But is that what really happens when you give quick answers to your kids? I bet my bottom penny you don’t usually reach that peace at all. The quicker you answer, the more questions asked. Because that’s just what kids do. “Why? Ohh…. Really? But why? But why? Why???” Sometimes I even wonder if they really want to know why or just another powerful attention seeking method they naturally invented and passed on from one generation to another. However, in my opinion, both are worth attending to.
So instead of spending some time with your kids by quickly answering questions, please do spend some quality time with them by doing some adventurous investigation together. This is not a new thing to discuss anyway. Every parent from the school I used to work at, knew exactly the theory of not answering questions instantly. Although some of them just couldn’t help it but uncovered the facts in express mode. I remember some parents came to me frustrated, “Now I don’t know how to answer their questions anymore, why is ‘someone’ pregnant?”
There are books, internet resources, pictures, models, museums, other people, places eg. Hospitals, etc, that can help parents equip their kids with some research skills. Those skills are going to be very much needed as they get older. Invest your time, creativity, and a little extra energy no matter how fed up you are with life other than home. There will be more questions they’d ask in life, but you won’t be there with the answers forever.
Your kids should know how to fight for what they believe in, so you’d better guide their beliefs in the right direction.

God bless you.