Free GTD Software

After so long, I found a free, portable GTD software for windows, called GTD-Free.

I’ve been using it for about one month, and it is the most effective (and fun) so far from all tool I’ve tried, for the following reason:

  • it is portable, you can carry it in a USB flashdisk
  • it is offline (I don’t like an online tool because it’s sluggish to start)
  • it is free (the reason that it is fun)
  • it follows GTD workflow: collect-process-organize/review-execute
  • there’s priority column
  • simple, there’s no “nice to have” things, it’s just all you need to do GTD
  • On PC, so it’s quick to collect things (I used to use Palm Treo but it’s slow to type, and the screen is small)
  • quick learning curve

In short, this is the best GTD software to organize my mind. Combine this with Outlook (to GTD my e-mails) and physical GTD (set up for physical GTD is in progress), I’m happy :-).

*what is GTD? Click here to know. I recommend readers to read Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.


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