Koperasi Kasih Indonesia

It’s better than complaining on DPR or the Government. It’s one of many lifehacks. What is it?

Read here: http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/myjakarta/my-jakarta-leonardo-kamilius-microfinance-institution-ceo/437289

and here:


I participate in it. For more info you may contact me or directly to Leon via facebook.


Only When You Know Where You’re Going, You Can Write Something Like This…


 Friends and family who love B** Re******,It is my great privilege to announce Dad’s last battle has been won!  Victory is His, and Dad’s treasure is being claimed in Heaven – Hallelujah! Hallelujah!  “Lord, thank you for the gift of yourself as presented to us through the life and love of Ro**** Ed**** Re******!  We have indeed been blessed.”  We can all imagine the celebration and joy on Dad’s face as he enters the Glory of His Righteousness – Dad beaming in gratitude and thanksgiving as he rolls up his sleeves and asks for an assignment while kneeling in worship.

Tonight, at 9:10 this evening, surrounded by family, Dad made his final departure from home in Colorado, while arriving home in the arms of God.  No miles earned or used on this one – upgrades guaranteed, legroom eternal!  Thank you for your prayers – throughout the years, and particularly at this time of Dad’s honor and reward.  Our family has had the great blessing of your fellowship and care.  We have a very special appreciation and love for all of you, and the whole world fellowship who have affirmed Dad as friend and brother in Christ.

Dad loved life in a passionate and open affair.  He loved nothing more than being a part of The Great Commission; to labor for Love, and being an introduction to Christ Jesus.  I can testify better than others to his unshakable and gracious forgiveness, and eternal encouragement.  

John the Baptist, cousin and precursor, baptizer to Jesus of Nazareth, himself an early martyr offering his head upon a platter: “greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  Well done, Dad!  

We are thankful.  Amen.

In His Love,


Ps – I send this with the regret I have for undoubtedly missing the inclusion of many important friends in distribution of this note.  Please pass on the word of Dad’s homecoming with the sincere love and appreciation appropriate to his fellowship.  Your in Christ, the Re******.

Free GTD Software

After so long, I found a free, portable GTD software for windows, called GTD-Free.

I’ve been using it for about one month, and it is the most effective (and fun) so far from all tool I’ve tried, for the following reason:

  • it is portable, you can carry it in a USB flashdisk
  • it is offline (I don’t like an online tool because it’s sluggish to start)
  • it is free (the reason that it is fun)
  • it follows GTD workflow: collect-process-organize/review-execute
  • there’s priority column
  • simple, there’s no “nice to have” things, it’s just all you need to do GTD
  • On PC, so it’s quick to collect things (I used to use Palm Treo but it’s slow to type, and the screen is small)
  • quick learning curve

In short, this is the best GTD software to organize my mind. Combine this with Outlook (to GTD my e-mails) and physical GTD (set up for physical GTD is in progress), I’m happy :-).

*what is GTD? Click here to know. I recommend readers to read Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

Steve Jobs on recruitment

It’s not just recruiting. After recruiting, it’s building an environment that makes people feel they are surrounded by equally talented people and their work is bigger than they are. The feeling that the work will have tremendous influence and is part of a strong, clear vision—all those things. Recruiting usually requires more than you alone can do, so I’ve found that collaborative recruiting and having a culture that recruits the “A” players is the best way. Any interviewee will speak with at least a dozen people in several areas of this company, not just those in the area that he would work in. That way a lot of your “A” employees get broad exposure to the company, and—by having a company culture that supports them if they feel strongly enough—the current employees can veto a candidate.

In the Company of Giants, 1997